Nov 2013 - Feb 2015
Head of Global Product
Los Angeles, USA.
  • Assumed the role of the Head of Product Management for Warner Music Group

  • Led product teams across USA and UK.

  • Implemented agile standards across cross functional teams.

  • Worked closely with executive management to match product strategy with objectives with a key focus on time-to-value.

Key Achievements
  • Restructured the product management team to focus on key objectives to ensure delivery of high profile projects.

  • Built key relationships with the senior executive team and helped improve the brand/reputation of the product team.

  • Fostered collaboration across Product, Project, Design, Development and Program Management teams.

  • Improved staff morale & global product delivery teams.

Aug 2013 - Nov 2013
Senior Manager, Product
New York, USA
  • "Lead by example” approach to 2x high profile projects. Played a key role in turning them around and delivered within agreed timeframe.

  • Introduced product standards and processes to the product team

  • Coached and mentored the product team and identified key ownership, roles and responsibilities.

  • Influenced business objectives and strategy and received executive management sign off.

  • Formulated product strategy that aligned towards the objectives of the business.

Key Achievements
  • Launched a self-service analytics platform for Artist’s and record labels.

  • Delivered key applications for artists, artist management, A&R and marketing teams across mobile tablet and cloud based platforms.

  • Increased the delivery through agile methodologies. The team went from delivering 34 story points per sprint (2 Weeks) to 205 story points per sprint in < 6 months.

Warner Music Group