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In the first 3 months of having this feature, we quadrupled our FT customer count and have since been able to scale past our forecasted FT numbers for 2024. This has meant a huge increase in FT revenue for this business and has optimized the schedules across 40+ clinics in the US. This has reduced our staffing schedulers by 3/4's and helped save the company in operational costs.

The Result

With this challenge in mind, we came up with a solution called Reserve & Release. This would ensure a right amount of time slots available at peak times to allow FT's to book their treatments. If those time slots were not taken by FT's, we would release them and make them available to all customers

The Solution

The Problem

First time (FT's) customers are the lifeblood of what makes Skin Laundry so successful. The problem, however, was that FT's were not able to get appointments in the most valuable time-slots on the most valuable or busiest days.

Skin Laundry

Reserve & Release Admin Panel


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