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We had some great success with developing the very first beta ITV player which is the same technology that is powering their itvX player today. We saw a big lift in additional online revenue and ad spend on streaming channels.

The Result

Back in 2010, i pioneered the networks very first TV streamer designed for catch up on demand television. I remember everyone thought i was crazy with the strategy and was continuously told "Jamo, nobody in their right mind would sit at the computer and watch television".

The Solution

The Problem

ITV needed a way to expand its revenue stream in the digital space. My team and i came up with their very first catch up on demand streaming player that we called ITV player (now named itvX). Back in 2010, there was no such thing as smart tv's, so i brokered a deal with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to get our ITV player developed on their SDK's for Playstation, Xbox and Wii. At the time, these were internet connected devices that our ITV customers could stream their favorite shows to. Little did we know, we were pioneering what is streaming on smart TV's today.


ITV Player (now itvX)


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