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We had some great response to the innovation in our fitting room technology. We had 92% adoption rate and usage from the fitting rooms as well as increased our conversion rate to 87%. Savage X Fenty also won awards for our fitting room innovation and changing the way we service our customers in an omnichannel experience.

The Result

We used our experience on how to convert customers online to a bricks and mortar environment. We knew, that the way to convert online is through (UGC) User Generated Content and Reviews, so what we did was built a 27" touchscreen into each fitting room that would read using an RFID reader to determine what products the customer has in the fitting room, and while he or she is trying on the products - we would serve up influencer content on those specific products as well as reviews. Customers could also request different sizes and products from the safety of the fitting room.

On top of this, we added analytics and tracking data to provide our technical designers to understand conversion down to size. We knew that for one of our most popular products was selling up in the high 30% conversion range in all sizes except for our XS. We shared this data with the technical designers of that product and found a grading issue with that size. They adjusted their design and in their next drop, we had the conversion back up to the normal conversion of our other sizes.

The Solution

The Problem

One of the biggest problems retailers face is the conversion rate and tracking from the fitting room. Sure, you can get a customer to "try on" a product, but how do you increase the chances of them converting? I was given this challenge based on the fact that our fitting room conversion rate was less than 4%.

Savage X Fenty

Fitting Room Innovation


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