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We improved the user experience and morale (having a smoother, less pain-filled time doing your job with EMR tech). We are using surveys for this, and will keep finding ways to collect your feedback.

Decrease in cost/approval (approval more FTs in the same or less amount of time). We saw a operational cost savings of over $250K - the cost of having to have more registered nurse's on staff.

The Result

Provide efficient and effective medical oversight for new clients
- This refers to the review of your client's unique and individual medical history and current skin observable state to assess treatment eligibility  
- With our high-growth plans and our care for compliance, secure scalability has become a must
- The EMR App was developed to scale new client approvals

EMR App user approver delight 
- Stop wasting time scrolling through unnecessary/blank chart data or switching between clinic views to approve charts
- The EMR App was designed to make new client approvals easy 

The Solution

The Problem

Skin Laundry treatments are medical-grade, specific state regulations require approval of NP/PA licensed professionals to greenlight treatment. Their current EMR platform did have a way to capture consistent client photo's and caused delays for approval due to inconsistent lighting, background, pose / facial expression.

Skin Laundry

EMR Platform


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