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WMG Artist Dashboard was initially used by Warner Music for their catalogue of artists and then licensed out to UMG and Sony - which then opened up the platform to the full music industry.

The platform was recognized by Forbes in Sept 2014 for its innovation and power in AI thats transforming the music industry

The Result

I led the strategy and development of the analytics dashboard called the Artist Dashboard, which ingested all data sources to provide a complete overview of artist performance from - Social, Sales, Live Event, Streaming and Downloads into a clear and succinct dashboard that was SaaS and accessible from any device or browser.

The platform would then use Data Science and ML to recommend which artists have the greatest performance data that are not yet signed and have the greatest potential across all platforms - Soundcloud, Youtube, Deezer, Spotify, Apple etc.

The Solution

The Problem

Warner Music Group struggled with attracting new talent for the A&R side of their business. WMG sat on a mountain of data and didnt realize the wealth of information that could help assist with the search and discovery of not just their catalogue, but the entire music industry.

Warner Music Group

Artist Dashboard


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