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Our Gen1 Solution using LiDAR sensors and "friend mode" to capture accurate data points, resulted in 32% improvement in size accuracy and a 72% increase in conversion

Our Gen 2 Solution will be a fitting room experience that uses 8x lidar senses in the corners of the fitting room and will take 2-3 seconds to scan when the customer is centered in the room. We will also have a "self scan" mode that a customer can scan herself in the comfort and privacy of her own home.

The Result

Introduced 3D Body Scanning technology using AR to solve the age old problem of bra fit in the intimates industry. Our first generation prototype was built as a "friend" mode and each data point from the scan would then provide a measurement in relationship to each other based off a matrix of size data. We would then use data science and machine learning to recommend the correct size and products to the customer based on their fit.

The Solution

The Problem

70% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra. The original way of getting your correct sized bra fit, is an invasive way where someone would physically measure you with a measuring tape. Our goal was to break this model and find a less invasive experience using technology to help solve the age old problem of bra fit.

Savage X Fenty

AR/AI Body Scanning Technology for Bra Fit


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