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We tested in an actual surgical procedure and had resounding feedback from surgeons. This would be a game changer for not just neurosurgical procedures, but areas like cardiovascular surgery to medical / surgical training. The idea that this could potentially reduce a surgeon's training time (8 years of college and 2-5 years in residence) could be a game changer for the industry.

With the success of our prototype, we have now been tasked to develop a prototype for Cardiovascular surgeons.

The Result

The goal behind this app, was to utilize the power of AR and AI together and create an immersive experience that will help surgeons piece together disparate sets of data before entering surgery. We developed an application that would help bring in MRI imagery, EMR data, X-Ray imagery and medical charts into 1 visual view for the surgeon.

The Solution

The Problem

We were contracted into Apple to work through their AI solutions team and develop a prototype Vision Pro Application for neurosurgeons. There are 3 stages that a neurosurgeon goes through:
1) Prep
2) Surgery
3) Post Op

We tackled the first stage where neurosurgeons have disparate amounts of data from medical imagery, medical history and current vitals - such as height, weight, blood type, heart rate, blood pressure etc. During prep, the surgeon needs to review all data before entering into surgery before they can develop their surgical plan / approach. With all these disparate data coming in from X-Rays, EMR platforms, Medical forms, its difficult to get all the data visualized together. & Apple

AI solution for Apple's Vision Pro


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